Shrimp Carpaccio with Zucchini and Paprika

Shrimp Carpaccio


Wash the courgettes and cut them into cubes. Skip the courgettes with the chopped onion and 2 tablespoons of oil, add 2 tablespoons of water and let it sauté for 10 minutes over medium heat.

Wash the prawns, peel them and open them to remove the black filament. Flatten them by gently beating with a meat mallet, arrange them on a plate and flavor them with sweet paprika.

Prepare a sauce with lemon, ginger, oil, salt and pepper.

Serve the shellfish on a layer of courgettes, glaze with the freshly prepared sauce and, finally, decorate the dish with freshly chopped thyme.


8 whole prawns

4 courgettes

1 Tropea onion

1 tablespoon of sweet paprika

extra virgin olive oil




Salt and Pepper To Taste.

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